The Beginning

Being an emerging artist, it is not easy getting your work out there!
Out of my passion for art, many thoughts came to my mind, what could be the best way to sell my work and get people to know about it.
In an – AHA – moment, I thought why not create a website? Not only for me, but to support other artists as well !

Think about it, no geographical boundaries, no mess, no space rentals, only a great chance to showcase what we have and reach the people who like what we do ..
Why can’t we try and get the balance of reasonable pricing combined with high quality finished unique pieces of art. Wouldn’t that be something??
Once I got myself accustomed to the idea, it dominated my brains day and night, until this website came to existence.
Creative Dee is “The Place” for artists who give their best, with a lot of passion for good art, and determination to offer the world something they are proud of …

In our small cozy office, everyone is treated with the utmost respect, and encouraged to never stop the flow of new initiatives and ideas to better service our clients.
Creative Dee, is probably the best thing I did to leave my mark in this world ..

Dalia Alwan

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